Before we can start creating any intentional change we must first know about ourselves and what WE care about, and what we are prepared to do and commit to. When you know what is important to you, making a decision is easy.

Real quick one here for you today, I wanted to give you something of real value almost like a walkthrough for life. So I got thinking…

I have noticed a strong theme with all new clients that come into coaching sessions. It’s that they desire more clarity or their thinking is very vague in terms of what they need to be doing. So one of the first things I discuss with them is ‘who do you need to be in order to achieve and maintain that it is that you desire’? It’s quite a big question I know! And if you haven’t already asked yourself this, don’t worry – most people haven’t.

But consider this; if you were already the person you needed to be in order to achieve the success that you want, well you would already have it right? 

So often where I start with my clients is diving deep into who it is that they are becoming. Our entire life from birth is about growth, transformation, and journey, it happens whether we choose it or not. But what if we were intentional about this growth? And chose the direction of the growth in order to be the person we need to be to live our highest ideals?

It’s such a great starting point. My clients pay me hundreds of dollars over 3-5 sessions to figure this out. But I thought, why not create a workbook in which you can take yourself through this for free? Free not as in not valuable, but free as in you don’t need to pay me.

It took me a bit of time to capture the core elements of what I would normally cover. I did it and created the workbook. Take your time to dive deep into this activity and notice how your clarity on what you will choose to focus on will change. 
Not only that, but clarity highlights what you value and what is important to you. When you live by these things, decision making becomes easy! 

So enter your email address below to get your free copy of the Mindset for Success Workbook (value $9.99). Keep in mind this would take 3-5 hours to complete within guided coaching. So I recommend you to allocate yourself the time to take yourself as deep as you see valuable.

Time to decide on who it is that you are becoming. I would love to hear what you have noticed as a result of completing this activity!