The biggest reason I had to escape from my career and chase the entrepreneurial journey was that I thought valued freedom. What I discovered is that this was somewhat a surface desire and had no idea how that very desire was a huge challenge in scaling a successful business! 

Now I see a theme in almost every emerging entrepreneur I know and work with. I wonder if this is you also – tell me if you resonate? 

Corporate or fixed career life is so rigid. It requires you to fit into their mold of when to show up, how you must behave, what you go to do in order to be successful according to them. It lacks flexibility, personal creativity, doing things in accordance with how you envision things to be….

So you are either still stuck in this position right now dreaming of entrepreneurial freedom or you have already made the jump in building your own income chasing a freedom adventure lifestyle business – probably as far from those career constructs you broke free of.

At first, it’s all about just getting started, the excitement of getting the first clients and sales, and realizing this is all possible. The dream is true! But sooner or later it feels like the dream of business feels rather like having a job with even more responsibility. 

The sad reality is that many people choose to give up at this point rather than to actually figure out what’s going on… 

I’ll tell you what’s going on; it’s pretty simple actually. As entrepreneurs we are so caught up in the freedom lifestyle and leaving the business constructs of our previous life – our own businesses have zero structure. 

Without structure and process, we cannot scale, delegating responsibility is a headache, success can’t be replicated, and without the benchmarks how do we even know what success is?? 

It was crazy when I realised that the very thing I was running from was the key to unlocking what I wanted most – freedom from doing all stuff I didn’t want to do! 

If you are anything like me, you will probably reject this message the first few times you hear it… I get it, we don’t like structure! Replay this video again until it lands. 

And then download the workbook I created based on what’s been coined as the ultimate blueprint to success – ‘The Critical Alignment Model’ from Meta Dynamic™. Seriously, coming from the most unstructured person ever, having practiced this model, everything I do now, from my coaching sessions to event launches are all out through these 4 dimensions. Environment, Structure, Implementation, People.

Get it below and I will send you extra insights directly from the Meta Dynamics™ creator Sharon Pearson as an added gift to you. 

Let me know what you notice as a result of working through this exercise. I always love the feedback for all possible experiences 🙌