Today’s episode is coming in live from the Ubud monkey forest in Bali. If you haven’t already seen part 1 here & part 2 here, be sure to go back and check them out where we cover; Responsibility, Strategies, Modeling, Safe vs Risky Problems all under the umbrella of how to best maximize your time and utilize efficiencies. 

A recent study conducted within the US with 2.5 million people, showed that humans who showed or felt like they had a lack of time, had higher levels of unhappiness than those who were unemployed or in poverty. Which I found to be interesting within itself. However, the study went further and found that when people are given the option of more money or increase their salary versus work-life balance, they almost 100% of the time choose the money overbalance.

I feel that this highlights the illusion that money equals freedom, and freedom equals happiness, but I say illusion because well, it doesn’t appear to be the case at all. It seems a fitting insight into the topic of this discussion and maybe worth further consideration at another time.

Masculine & Feminine Energies 

Masculine energy; is the doing energy. The getting ‘shit done’ with logic and confidence. It is grit, determination, drive, strength, with assertiveness.

 Whereas Feminine Energy comes from a place of; creativity, collaboration, intuition. Embracing generosity, gratitude, with a caring nurture presence and self-care.

Masculine and feminine energies are nothing to do with the sexes. Both can and should be embraced by both sexes for total balance. And if anything, that should be an intended outcome. 

It’s worth pointing out how in the western society, we live in a society of capitalistic nature that supports masculine energy. Because largely, it’s the ‘doing energy’ that creates movement, progression, income, and wealth creation. 

Take notice of the majority of world leaders, CEOs of large corporations, and the heads of major departments within business; they are male. This has of-course been shifting in recent years, however still overly male dominated. The world rewards masculine energy. 

So the purpose of this video, and what I wanted to bring through to awareness is that, doing more all the time doesn’t automatically equal productivity. An example of overly dominant masculine energy and the challenges that may occur are symptoms like overwhelm (tackling too much an once), procrastination (avoidance through being busy), corporate burnout (high demand for results) etc. These are all a result of having too much to do, too much drive, too much action, without the balance of self care and compassion. 

The phrase that can be often heard is “I have too much on my plate”. What research suggests is that, if we take those same people and reduce their workload it often doesn’t resolve the underlying problem. Even one thing ‘on their plate’ could be too much if the balance doesn’t exist doesn’t reach a suitable equilibrium. 

Just look at all those people who are doing far more than the majority of the population. They are filling their time with very intentional action, whilst also doing the yoga, mediation, and purposeful self care routines & rituals. They give themselves the time and space for a healthy conscious mindset to flourish.

What this means is doing more does not automatically equal productivity. By bringing mindfulness and clarity with intentional action and self-compassion, it is this that allows the focus. And being focused on the actions is then when we get productivity. 

Time to stop making time to be busy and start living consciously. 

Clarification: I have referred to Focus as being feminine energy during the live video above. Focus is in fact masculine energy that underpins the action. It was my increased balance of feminine energy that provided me with greater amounts of focus which gave an unintentional connection between focus and feminine energy which is apparent during my personal explanation.