In this article I am going to share with you the 3 core pillars required in order to make this a reality for anyone, no matter who you are. 

People turning to entrepreneurship with lifestlye ideals in mind often fall into one or more the following categories:
  • Stuck in a job or simply outgrown a career they no longer want to be in, guesses there is a better way, but maybe overwhelmed or unsure in the direction to look & get started.
  • Others have already made a commitment to a new path; and could be months or even a few years in. Having tried a few things that didn’t work out, were scams, and feeling lost for what will really make the change they want.
  • Right the way to the (saddest one in my opinion) those who have become successful in creating a business, an income, and successful business that actually consumes their life and built something over a number of years that doesn’t align with who they are or what they really want.

So if these are the common themes we see in the market right now – what is it that we need to create an Adventure Lifestyle Business?

Well, it’s the 3 golden Vs I am going to share with you.


Most of us know what we don’t want? And maybe somewhat attached to say a Holiday lifestyle & call that a vision? It’s got to be way more than that! Start considering the following questions and lean into the challenge of really designing this for you in mind.

  • Personally; How are you spending your time? Who are you spending it with? What experiences are you creating? And how is it that you want to be feeling? And how much will all this cost? 
  • Business; What are other people’s problems that you are willing to take responsibility for? Who are these people? What do they value? How will you spend your time with them? And how will you feel as a result? 
  • Lifestyle; Bring these two together to shape out your day to align all the important areas of life.


Once you have your vision in place you can now begin defining who you will need to become in order to live that reality. Because let’s be honest, if you were already the person you needed to be, you would already be living it! From the moment we are born, we are becoming someone, unintentionally, based on our parents, community, society. What if we became intentional with our being and aligned that our vision?

  • What attributes / charactisic will I be demonstrating?
  • What standards will I be holding myself to?
  • What will I expect and not tolerate from others in my life?
  • What will I need to beleive is truw without a doubt?
  • What values will I be holding in high regard?


As with everything, once we have the thinking and the right approach in place with the categories to which we need to be attending – the action is pretty straightforward. The velocity is accessing & implementing the frameworks & strategies to gain momentum, accelerate progress to build out the vision.

  • Velocity is the frameworks, the strategies, it’s the implementation that directly reflects the purpose of what is needing to be achieved. 
  • Nothing happens without action, but its comes after the work has been done.

If this is resonating with you, you are loving the change you know you can already make with this information, and you want to take it even further to accelerate your journey into Adventurepreneurship… I invite you to request a complimentary accelerator session which I will personally challenge your thinking further.

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