Today I am sharing such an important exercise. It’s one that is truly a foundational block in being able to create intentional happiness in life. It’s called Ideal Average Day. The reason why being super clear on how our ideal average day is is that it provides depth to our lives.

The common thread feels like there are two options for life: living fast for the accumulation of stuff, on the rat race for bigger, better, more toys, get stuff and impress. If that isn’t your cuppa tea or have already found there is no answer at the end of that pathway, the counter to it is to drop out completely, go against the grain with refusing materialism entirely. But it’s really not that fulfilling either. 

So why I love the ideal average day exercise gives an alternative to conquering the world when this is discovered it doesn’t result in satisfaction but it also provides an alternative to the notion nothing matters which also can feel a little weak an empty too. 

So where goal setting is typically all about an accumulation of stuff and getting the outcome, creating your Ideal Average Day is about looking at the experiences we want to fill our life with. 

This exercise is all about who you are becoming? Who are you going to be as a human being? What is going to matter to you? How do you know it matters? How do you know that you are living your life in a way that matters? This conversation changes everything. It’s not longer measured by bank accounts and externals. 

It’s now measured by am I loving me? Do I value myself? Do I feel self-worth? Do I feel self-esteem? Am I feeling on track for the love that I want to experience? It’s the conversation that so many seem to be avoiding but really it’s the only one that really matters…. Rather than, just tell me how to get more stuff?

Our Ideal Average Day – once we define it we can move towards it quite quickly. And what a wonderful sense of direction to get off the treadmill and actually start moving forward in a way that is meaningful. 

It gives some insight into what we can let go of, areas we need to get better at, recognising who we need more of in our lives, and embracing the journey. 

I have taken many clients through this exercise that each one of them love how empowering and transformational their new awareness is as a result. 

So if you are loving the sound of this and exactly what you are needed right now at this moment. As a gift to you, I am providing a workbook to complete this yourself. There is no charge – just click through and enter your email so I can send it out to you.

Added bonus, I will include an exclusive interview with Sharon Pearson & Matt Lavars sharing amazing insights on the topic that has been taken from the Your Success Program. 

I trust that you will love it!