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Hey, I’m Dan Lawson and I’m not a life coach…

I cringe when I hear the term ‘life coach’ (you probably do too). Because it seemingly presupposes that I need to be an expert on your life – oh the arrogance!

However, I have been where you are, dreaming of building an adventure lifestyle filled with meaning, purpose, and freedom but rather trapped in the mundane of society’s constructs, expectations & norms.

Although creating a successful looking persona, on a deeper level its dysfunctional mental strategies to stay safe, comfortable, and feel in control by choosing whatever looks like the most certain outcome.

Standing in your shoes, I realised I didn’t need someone to tell me how to live my life – I needed someone that believed in me, until I developed my own self belief. Someone that championed me when it was so foreign just being my true self. I needed this one person that wasn’t impressed or lost in my stories of deflection to shift my responsibilities. It became my challenge to become that person.

Now, I have created Parallaxx Transformations, so I can be that person for you until you reach your future self who is waiting to fulfil the position!

For the past 3 years, I have coached Adventurepreneurs who are determined to stop defending their status quo, reject their painful mediocrity, and ready to challenge themselves with new, positive ways of constructing their reality.

Your future is waiting.

If it’s not yours then who’s? And if it’s not now then when?

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Business Hours & Location

We are walking the talk of creating our own ideal lifestyle. This means for us we are location independent are provide all services via Zoom & other digital methods. It also means that our time zones will vary from time to time.

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