So many people are building their lives around what they have already become used to. And what I mean by that is that they are limiting their future based solely on what they know at this moment. 

May I ask you, Are you in a job or a lifestyle that you are not particularly in love with? Like, it’s not bad but feels kinda mediocre at the same time? 

This is true for so many people, they spend their energy defending their status-quo – whether it’s their routine in what they have time for, a relationship they have been the has kinda lapsed its expiry date, or the big one for me was doing a job that I had good really good at… but didn’t like. 

And so the question was if I didn’t do it anymore – who would I be? This was an identity crisis. So in this blog, I want to share the single most powerful insight that changed my life and allowed me to fall in love with it more every single day. And if it resonates with you, I will invite you to try it on for yourself also. 

How do you know if this is you? The simple question I ask my clients is “if you didn’t have (whatever it is), what would you be doing & have instead”? The immediate answers are always shallow and are not sustainable – like drink cocktails on the beach or some variation then hit a mental block. They got nothing. 

The contrast would be someone that comes up with a rich list of activities & interests that they are emotionally connected with and gives them a sense of purpose – it’s not that common by the way! None of us start with that until we do.

When my corporate job crushed me, I was so lost because I realized that all I knew was going to lead me to the same result – emptiness. It was tough. You know that saying “Do what you have always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten’? Or “doing the same thing & expecting a different result is the definition of insanity”? Well, this wasn’t going to me anymore. I decided that I could handle sucking at something I had never done before.

As by magic this weird and wonderful world of online business and affiliate marketing appeared. Honestly, I wasn’t that interested in it, and many around me implied it as a scam. Maybe it was? All I wanted was a different result! 

The result was incredible – through trying something I had never done before, it opened up so many new opportunities and things to explore. It reminded me of this term we used in my old job with aerial imagery – Parallaxx Error. Basically, Parallaxx describes the optical illusion when you change your perspective on an object, the object can appear to change. 

This was a paradigm shift for me – it totally explained how we create and experience opportunities in our lives. It’s all just a matter of perspective. 

I wrote this word Parallaxx on my surf poncho, (check it out here) so when I was at the beach doing what I loved I could continue to connect with this idea of what I am now going to focus on. The rest became history;

Parallaxx Apparel – was born out of inspiration. Then personal development ensued, and it attracted others wanting the same thing – Parallaxx Transformations was established as the coaching arm for others. 

The single action of doing something different, trying something new, looking in a direction I’d never looked before. Choosing to do what I wanted for a change rather than just want I knew – changed everything.

So if this message resonates with you, you feel like it’s right where you are right now, and you know you need to make a change – I encourage you to be bold, take action, say yes more, it doesn’t matter what it is, or even the outcome. The result is forcing your brain to make new connections within you and to expand your perspective on what’s possible! 

If you would love to hear more on this topic – I invite you to pop in your email and I will send you a further video interview from my two favourite mentors Sharon Pearson & Matt Lavars on how this concept can make an even greater impact on your life. 

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